Lab Days Online seminars for the lab

Your Lab Days seminars

Thank you to all customers who took part in the Lab Days 2021. You can find the recording of the BRAND and VACUUBRAND webinars here:

Selected VACUUBRAND program items in detail

VACUU·PURE® – features and applications of the new vacuum pump
VACUU·PURE is a truly innovative technology for vacuum processes down to 10-3 mbar. We will present you the oil-free, dry-running vacuum pump VACUU·PURE 10C – an ideal choice for vacuum processes with aggressive gases or vapors.
Laboratory planning and user requirements
The beginning of every laboratory planning process starts with the requirements assessment. Dr. Stephan Wagner will explain how laboratory user requirements can be identified through a risk assessments.
Rotary evaporation – optimal process flow with vacuum
We will show you which tips should be considered in order to achieve an efficient evaporation process and thereby also maximum solvent recovery.
Freeze drying and vacuum concentration in the laboratory – what, when, and how?
Freeze drying and vacuum concentration are related processes used for gentle drying of thermosensitive materials. Dr. Klaus Hudel will explain the basic principle and applications behind these processes, using two examples of equipment.
Virtual visit at VACUUBRAND
How are vacuum pumps produced at VACUUBRAND? We will take you through the material flow process to give you an impression of pump production – from material delivery to shipping your finished vacuum pump.

Selected BRAND program items in detail

Automatic pipetting - how to get started?
Which criteria need to be taken into account before acquiring a pipetting robot for the first time in order to make the introduction successful?
How to optimize your PCR results
Reliable PCR results and contamination avoidance through advanced PCR disposables and sealing options.
The ultimate guide to working with volumetric instruments
Reliable volumetric measurement through simple rules and prominent features.
Professional test equipment monitoring for air displacement pipettes
Calibration of air displacement pipettes with BRAND support for a user-friendly implementation.
Cell culture inserts - new products open up new application possibilities
What's special to cell culture inserts and where do these scaffolds show superior performance or shortcomings?